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Let's Get Magical

Part I: Returning Players

GPCIHL  October 1st, 2010 at 9:48PM  October 6th, 2010 2:34PM

ST. LOUIS, MO--  The STLCC Magic will have one of the deepest Junior College division teams in club history this year.  They are fortunate to be able to make that claim after losing some of the top players from last season in Pat Wuennenberg, Nate Klos, Justin Dye, and Andy Houska as well as both starting goaltenders Adam Suraud and Dale Ingenthron.

Boasting a roster of 12 skaters and 3 goalies, players will be in fierce competition for playing time this season.

"Having as much talent as we do is going to make the boys much more accountable," said Magic Head Coach Ben Lambert, "Anybody on the squad can step in and be a go-to guy on this team."  

With that in mind, players will definitely be doing all they can to make themselves stand out from their team mates during practice. "We have a lot of young talent... players are going to have to work hard [for playing time] this year," 3rd year defenseman Chris Brown said. "The depth is great for the team."

Captain Jared Miklasz is also looking forward to this season.  “We have a lot of young talent on the team. It’s really going to be a good year.” 

 Returning Players


Jared Miklasz, D (C)

'09-'10 Stats: 26GP - 9G -10A - 20PIM

Newly appointed Captain Jared Miklasz should once again be one of the top defensive players on the team in 2010-11. Miklasz is a big, physical defenseman with an uncanny ability to make the right play nearly every time he touches the puck. Steady-handed Miklasz also excels at using his large frame to maintain puck possession and has an accurate shot... when he gets the chance to use it.

He appeared in every game in the 2009-10 campaign and from the beginning of the first tryout, Head Coach Ben Lambert knew there was something special. “Jared looked a little uncomfortable on his skates, but from day one, I knew that we had something special in this kid.”

In addition to his dominance on the rink, Jared is arguably the top NHL 10 player on the Magic. His teammates became quite used to the Miklasz smirk and shrug after busting out ridiculous goals in the NHL 10 tournament in San Jose last season. Will NHL 11 be a different story? Only time will tell.  One thing is for sure, though: winning an NCRHA Championship is much more exciting than being the best video game player, and Jared knows it.

Chris Brown, D

 '09-'10 Stats: 22GP - 7G -7A - 18PIM 

Chris is in his 3rd and final year on the Magic. Passionate and fiery on the bench and steady on the floor, Chris' return to the squad this year was much welcomed by all. The thing that stands out most about "Smooth Brown" is not only the guidance and vocal leadership, but the desire to always improve and work on his game.  Brown is a fearless competitor on the floor but very easy going off of it.  Smooth has the drive to become an impact player in the 2010-11 campaign and is more than ready to make some Magical smoothness come to perdition.  

Even while half asleep when interviewed for this article, Smooth had the wherewithal to understand how deep and dangerous the revitalized Magic squad was and drop several pieces of truth including the notion that the Magic should “definitely reach the finals this year.”  Way to be “smooth”, Brown.

Eric Dauernheim, F (A)

'09-'10 Stats: 26GP - 18G - 16A - 48PIM 


Perhaps the most improved player on the entire squad last year from beginning to end, Eric Dauernheim started out as an above-average player with gobs of natural ability, a cannon of a shot, and an offensive flair, albeit with limited production. However, as he settled into his college hockey career, he quickly learned what it took to be a great college roller hockey player.  By Nationals, he had set himself apart as a true force to be reckoned with, scoring 11 points (7g, 4a) in 5 games as a defenseman during the NCT.

This year, Eric will be embracing a new role as a power forward and should see his production skyrocket after playing hockey practically nonstop throughout the off-season. He has the grit for the power forward role as well, as he led the team in PIM last year and has an uncanny ability to be on the referees’ radar screen at all times.  Hopefully with a bit of discipline and one more year of wisdom and maturity under his belt, he will become the player that many expect him to be.

Look for Dauernheim to light the lamp with regularity this year.
Justin Harvey, F

'09-'10 Stats: 21GP - 10G - 11A - 16PIM 

“Probably the single biggest disappointment last year other than losing at Nationals was the fact that ‘Harvs’ couldn’t come with to San Jose.”

A bold statement by a Head Coach who hopes to see veteran leader Justin Harvey surpass his impressive point-per-game regular season/regional production he saw last year and be able to help the squad win some hardware at Nationals.

A quiet but determined Harvey is one of the pieces of the team that is nearly irreplaceable.  Harvey may have some of the slickest hands on the entire squad, and those hands are matched by his speed and defensive ability. Justin also has an urge to win that isn’t seen in very many players.

“Harvey is definitely someone who can make a huge difference for us,” said Coach Lambert. “Only time will tell, but I guarantee that Harvs is going to raise a lot of eyebrows this season.”

Bryan Lowe, F

'09-'10 Stats: 26GP - 36G - 13A - 24PIM 

The most gifted natural scorer on the team is none other than the incomparable Bryan Lowe.  Bryan not only lead the team in points during the regular season last year, but was a man on fire at nationals, registering 9 goals and 12 points in only 5 games in San Jose.

Bryan brings many things to the table for the Magic but apart from scoring and his comic relief, “B-Lowe’s” defensive ability and passing skills are strong suits for him as well.  Oshie-like on the boards and in tight spaces, Lowe frequently leaves opponents scratching their heads wondering where the puck went.

This year, Bryan should pick up right where he left off and make some magic of his own.

Coming Soon: Part II: New Blood in the Program

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