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Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League

2019 All-Tournament Teams Announced!

Most Valuable Player, Most Valuable Goaltender, and Playmaker chosen for each division!

 May 6th, 2019 at 1:51AM  May 8th, 2019 5:09PM

Congratulations to all the teams and student athletes who participated at the 2019 National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships in Rochester, New York. The NCRHA would like to further recognize the following players, who have earned the honor of being selected for the 2019 All-Tournament Team. Congratulations to all!


1st Team:

Matthew O’Shaughnessy – Farmingdale State College

Nathan Sommerville – Bethel University

Joey DiMartino – Farmingdale State College

Max Halvorsen – Farmingdale State College

Dustin Muccio-Schrimpe – Farmingdale State College


2nd Team:

Grand Burkhardt – Michigan State University

Ian Edwards – Bethel University

Cody Page – Lindenwood University

Kadin Ricciardi – Bethel Uniersity

Jacob Robinson – Lindenwood University


Most Valuable Player: Joey DiMartino – Farmingdale State College

Most Valuable Goaltender: Dustin Muccio-Schrimpe – Farmingdale State College

Playmaker: Max Halvorsen – Farmingdale State College


Honorable Mention:

Mac Burkhardt – Michigan State University

Nicholas Cafone – Florida Gulf Coast University

Bryan Conklin – Farmingdale State College

Jake Corso – Farmingdale State College

Nicholas DellaMorte – Lindenwood University

Wes Fry – Arizona State University

Aaron Gittings – Arizona State University

Brycon Haney-Johnson – Lindenwood University

Alexander Macdonald – Arizona State University

Jack Mali – Bethel University

Kevin Mooney – UC Santa Barbara

Jimmy Teed – Bethel University

Chris Visico – Lindenwood University

Gannon Warrick – Slippery Rock University



1st Team:

Tyler Glenfield – Grand Valley State University

Jesse MacIntyre – Grand Valley State University

Cody Hagen – Grand Valley State University

Troy Yano – CSU Fullerton

Ron Best – CSU Fullerton


2nd Team:

Dylan Kammer – CSU Fullerton

Daniel Kumata – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Trevor Evans – SUNY Cortland

Brent Sweeney – Kennesaw State University

Anthony Benvenuti – Grand Valley State University


Most Valuable Player: Troy Yano – CSU Fullerton

Most Valuable Goaltender: Ron Best – CSU Fullerton

Playmaker: Cody Hagen – Grand Valley State University


Honorable Mention:

Hunter Baynes – Kennesaw State University

Owen Benben – Miami University

Donald Brodd – University of Massachusetts

Trystan Chappell – Kennesaw State University

Nick Foster – West Chester University

Doug Giles – Kennesaw State University

Kyle Gliwa – Florida State University

Jacob Hickey – San Jose State University

Ryan Hoffman – Grand Valley State University

Ryan Kushay – Florida State University

Timmy Lauing – Grand Valley State University

Sean Lawrence – Robert Morris University

Nicholas Leacox – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Robert Roddy – Kennesaw State University

Jacob Schulte – Kansas State University

Nicolas Schlegel – Stony Brook University

Jason Stitt – Northeastern University

Alex Waddel – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cody Zajackowski – Rochester Institute of Technology



1st Team:

Matt Kaski – Endicott College

Darien Oliver – University of California, Berkeley

Jonathan Waring – Endicott College

Defino Varela – University of California, Berkeley

Stephen Richetelli – Endicott College


2nd Team:

Corey Eisenband – Endicott College

Cal McCleery – University of California, Berkeley

Ian Duffy – Cal Poly Pomona

Lucas Winkelmann – Maryville University

Conner Taherian – University of California, Berkeley


Most Valuable Player: Jonathan Waring – Endicott College

Most Valuable Goaltender: Stephen Richetelli – Endicott College

Playmaker: Delfino Varela – University of California, Berkeley


Honorable Mention:

Justin Baldwin – Illinois State University

Blake Becker – Missouri S&T

Cam Bleck – Endicott College

Daniel Bordan – Yeshiva University

Charles Canty – University of Denver

Matthew Carl – Yeshiva University

Joseph DeMarco – SUNY Oswego

Caeden Dillman – Endicott College

Austin Donahue – Illinois State University

Bradley Duggan – Sam Houston State University

Andrew Gagnon – Hofstra University

James Gallmeister – University of Colorado

John Gattone – Drexel University

Garrett Griffin – Cal Poly Pomona

Nicholas Grillo – Temple University

Tyler Grinley – Boston University

Brian Harder – Endicott College

Luke Jorgensen – Endicott College

Mark Laduzinsky – Ohio State University

Matthew Levy – SUNY Oswego

Vincent Murdock – University of Akron

Alex Nageli – Virginia Tech

Jacob Oberschelp – Cal Poly Pomona

Marc Orlin – Syracuse University

Brian Romola – James Madison University

Derick Rosas – Cal Poly Pomona

Jack Tofallos – SUNY Oswego

Joe Tofallos – SUNY Oswego

Drake Williams – Illinois State University

Jake Wooley – Illinois State University



1st Team:

Josh Hirst – Bethel University

Colin Tinschert – Farmingdale State College

Frank Guida – Farmingdale State College

Tyler Zaino – Bethel University

Noah Vanderbeck – Bethel University


2nd Team:

Andrew Ether – Bethel University

Noah Laino – Michigan State University

Nicholas Casazza – Farmingdale State College

Joseph Mula – Lindenwood University

Michael Muccio-Schrimpe – Farmingdale State College


Most Valuable Player: Josh Hirst – Bethel University

Most Valuable Goaltender: Noah Vanderbeck – Bethel University

Playmaker: Tyler Zaino – Bethel University


Honorable Mention:

Justin Burger – UC Santa Barbara

Spencer Carlson – Slippery Rock University

Matthew Cicchetti – Farmingdale State College

Mark Craven – Bethel University

Matthew Fedgo – Michigan State University

Sean Filiault – Florida Gulf Coast University

Joseph Ginsberg – Florida Gulf Coast University

Blake Jakopec – Bethel University

Joshua Lucas – Michigan State University

Christopher Mahaffey – Bethel University

Samuel Mastrogiacomo – University of Massachusetts

Sean Matthews – Bethel University

Colin McHugh – Arizona State University

Zachary Megyesi – Grand Valley State University

Dan Nielsen – Grand Valley State University

Jack Ryan – Rochester Institute of Technology

Michael Santos – Farmingdale State College

Austin Steger – Lindenwood University

Nick Thorpe – Lindenwood University



1st Team:

Jacob Murphy – St. Louis Community College

Dominic Stankiewicz – Henry Ford College

Christopher Dlugos – St. Louis Community College

Dylan Sullivan – St. Louis Community College

Kyle Wedbush – St. Louis Community College


2nd Team:

Joshua Dyl – Henry Ford College

Eric Holgate – Henry Ford College

Justin Furtado – West Valley College

Christopher Greco – Henry Ford College

Matthew Cahalan – Henry Ford College


Most Valuable Player: Dylan Sullivan – St. Louis Community College

Most Valuable Goaltender: Kyle Wedbush – St. Louis Community College

Playmaker: Dominic Stankiewicz – Henry Ford College


Honorable Mention:

Joseph Furtado – West Valley College

Michael Gasior – Henry Ford College

Austin Trenner – West Valley College

Max Watson – St. Louis Community College

Casey Wingbermuehle – St. Louis Community College

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