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Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League

2018 All-Tournament Teams Announced!

Most Valuable Player, Most Valuable Goaltender, and Playmaker chosen for each division!

 June 7th, 2018 at 12:11PM  June 29th, 2018 1:49AM

Congratulations to all the teams and student athletes who participated at the 2018 National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships in Fargo, North Dakota.  The NCRHA would like to further recognize the following players, who have earned the honor of being selected for the 2018 All-Tournament Team.  Congratulations to all!


1st Team:
Nick Dellamorte - Lindenwood University
PJ DiMartino - Farmingdale State College
Max Halvorsen - Farmingdale State College
Jalen Krogman - Lindenwood University
Dustin Muccio-Schrimpe - Farmingdale State College

2nd Team:
Joey Dimartino – Farmingdale State College
Tyler Kraft – Farmingdale State College
Jesse MacIntyre – Grand Valley State University
Kadin Ricciardi – Bethel University
Jacob Robinson - Lindenwood University

Most Valuable Player: PJ DiMartino - Farmingdale State College
Most Valuable Goaltender: Dustin Muccio-Schrimpe - Farmingdale State College
Playmaker: Jalen Krogman - Lindenwood University

Honorable Mention:
Arizona State University & Grand Valley State University – 5 OT Game
Don Broad – University of Massachusetts
John Carroll – University of Massachusetts
Jake Corso – Farmingdale State College
Luc Corso – Farmingdale State College
Ryan Cotton – Arizona State University
Nick DeSalvo – Neumann University
Wes Fry – Arizona State University
Ralph Grillo – Temple University
Derek Hoffman – West Chester
Brandon Kerst – Bethel University
Kevin Mooney – UC Santa Barbara
Trevor Mullaly – Florida Gulf Coast University
Daniel Nelson – SUNY Cortland
Matthew O’Shaughnessy – Farmingdale State College
Cody Page – Lindenwood University
Tanner Pedersen – University of Missouri
Sean Phelan – Neumann University
Garrett Polish – Grand Valley State University
Eric Purcell – Michigan State University
Stefan Rosner – SUNY Cortland
Chris Russolello – Farmingdale State College
Nick Schnelle – Lindenwood University
Adam Swims – Lindenwood University
Jimmy Teed – Bethel University
Paul Town – Lindenwood University
Josh Ward – Western Michigan University
Braden White – Slippery Rock University
Cameron Zahn – Robert Morris University


1st Team:
Jason Bogacz – Rochester Institute of Technology
Sam Murray – Rochester Institute of Technology
Trevor Riffey – Northern Arizona University
Max Thalheimer – Northeastern University
Zachary Orcutt – Rochester Institute of Technology

2nd Team:
Griffin Boedicker – Northeastern University
Corey Eisenband – Endicott College
Nathaniel May – Rochester Institute of Technology
Mitchell Palafox – Cal Poly Pomona
Matt Bleefeld – University of Florida

Most Valuable Player: Cody Zajaczkowski – Rochester Institute of Technology
Most Valuable Goaltender: Zachary Orcutt – Rochester Institute of Technology
Playmaker: Trevor Riffey – Northern Arizona University
Honorable Mention:
Daniel Bordan – Yeshiva University
Jason Burtch – University of Florida
Trevor Calleja – Stony Brook University
Trevor Cochran – Cal Poly Pomona
Joseph DeMarco – SUNY Oswego
Daniel Diaz – Northern Arizona University
Ari Drazin – Yeshiva University
Brian Harder – Endicott College
Jacob Hickey – San Jose State University
Jared Holst – East Carolina University
Carter Huff – University of Denver
William Hunt – Northeastern University
Ben Jackson – University of Arizona
Thomas Keith – Northeastern University
Ryan Kushay – Florida State University
Kyle Lewandowski – Rochester Institute of Technology
Bryan Miller – University of Florida
Sean Miller – Penn State University
Vincent Murdock – Akron University
Alec Newell – Northeastern University
Eric Oswald – Rochester Institute of Technology
Adam Otten – Maryville University
Brandon Pearlman – Northeastern University
Andy Rinck – Missouri University of Science & Technology
Derick Rosas – Cal Poly Pomona
Jacob Schulte – Kansas State University
Mark Schumacker – Sam Houston State University
Trevor Scott – Northern Arizona University
Peter Simonsen – San Jose State University
Cody Zajaczkowski – Rochester Institute of Technology
Sean Zawodny – University of Florida


1st Team:
Anthony Erace – Lindenwood University
Sam Koenig – Lindenwood University
Spenser Marquiss – Lindenwood University
Joe Mula – Farmingdale State College
Josh Martin – Lindenwood University

2nd Team:
James Kolokathis – Farmingdale State College
Alexander Pflum – Michigan State University
Chris Visico – Lindenwood University
Tyler Zaino – Bethel University
Sam Woolfson – Bethel University

Most Valuable Player: Sam Koenig - Lindenwood University
Most Valuable Goaltender: Josh Martin - Lindenwood University
Playmaker: Anthony Erace - Lindenwood University

Honorable Mention:
Rhyan Brennan – Slippery Rock University
Timothy Brey – Lindenwood University
Adrian Bullard – Bethel University
Nick Casazza – Farmingdale State College
Michael Cavatio – Grand Valley State University
Ryan Chilton – Bethel University
Richard Cota – Cal Poly Pomona
Joseph Furtado – West Valley College
Justin Furtado – West Valley College
Joseph Ginsberg – Florida Gulf Coast University
Clay Heinze – Arizona State University
Daniel Higa – Lindenwood University
Bobby Litras – Farmingdale State College
Jake Mandel – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Ryan McMullen – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Jason Novak – Lindenwood University
Jake Pearlstein – Rowan University
Daniel Perepezko – Farmingdale State College
Sam Richards – Rowan University
Trevor Rubin – Farmingdale State College
Gregg Russo – Florida Gulf Coast University
Colin Tinschert – Farmingdale State College
David Yu – Bethel University


1st Team:
Jackson Faught – Saddleback College
Riley Hummitsch – Saddleback College
Joe Kubani – West Valley College
Matt Swanson – West Valley College
Leks Zendejas – Saddleback College

2nd Team:
Blake Bulger – St. Louis Community College
Eric Holgate – Henry Ford College
Ruslan Patterson – Saddleback College
Max Watson – Meramec Community College
Jose Vincent Sy – West Valley College

Most Valuable Player: George Godinez – Saddleback College
Most Valuable Goaltender: Leks Zendejas – Saddleback College
Playmaker: Matt Swanson – West Valley College

Honorable Mention:
Christian Acosta – West Valley College
Daniel Bridgeman – Henry Ford College
Lucas DiMascio – Henry Ford College
Spencer Gaalaas – Saddleback College
Nick Lopes – West Valley College
Seth Martin – Saddleback College
James McGaughy – West Valley College
Tyler McPherson – West Valley College
JP Merrick – Saddleback College
Tyler Plaggenburg – St. Louis Community College
Jared Smer – Saddleback College
Austin Stainsby – St. Louis Community College
Dominic Stankiewicz – Henry Ford College
Griffin Young – Henry Ford College

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