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Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League

University of Missouri TigersDivision I



Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 710:00PMBallwin, MOExhSt. Louis CC (JC)Won 4-2Final
Oct 711:20PMBallwin, MOExhat Missouri S&T (D2)Won 7-0Final
Oct 84:00PMBallwin, MOExhat Missouri State Won 5-3Final
Oct 89:20PMBallwin, MOPlaMissouri State Won 5-2Final
Oct 228:00AMSt. Peters, MORegSt. Louis CC (JC)Won 11-1Final
Oct 2211:00AMBallwin, MORegat Missouri State Won 7-2Final
Oct 225:00PMBallwin, MORegBethel Lost 0-5Final
Oct 234:00PMBallwin, MORegLindenwood (D3)Lost 3-9Final
Nov 510:00AMSt. Peters, MORegLindenwood Lost 0-11Final
Nov 512:00PMSt. Peters, MORegBethel Won 5-4Final
Nov 118:00PMBallwin, MORegat Lindenwood (D3)Lost 3-6Final
Nov 128:00AMSt. Peters, MORegat UMSL Won 6-3Final
Nov 121:00PMBallwin, MORegIllinois State (D2)Won 10-2Final
Nov 124:00PMBallwin, MORegSt. Charles CC (JC)Won 10-2Final
Nov 127:00PMBallwin, MORegat Missouri State Won 5-2Final
Jan 215:00PMBallwin, MONonWest Chester Won 5-4Final
Jan 218:00PMBallwin, MONonat Massachusetts Lost 4-6Final
Feb 111:00PMSt. Peters, MORegSt. Charles CC (JC)Won 11-3Final
Feb 115:00PMSt. Peters, MORegMissouri State Won 10-3Final
Feb 189:00PMManhattan, KSRegat Lindenwood Black(D3)Won 10-1Final
Feb 1811:00PMManhattan, KSRegat Bethel (D3)Won 6-3Final
Feb 199:00AMManhattan, KSRegBethel Lost 3-4Final
Feb 193:00PMManhattan, KSRegat Denver (D2)Won 9-1Final
Feb 196:00PMManhattan, KSRegat Kansas State (D2)Won 7-4Final
Feb 262:00PMBallwin, MOPlaBethel Lost 3-5Final
Apr 512:15PMFt. Myers, FLPlaHofstra Won 8-2Final
Apr 55:30PMFt. Myers, FLPlaat Western Michigan Won 6-2Final
Apr 69:00AMFt. Myers, FLPlaat Robert Morris Won 9-2Final
Apr 63:15PMFt. Myers, FLPlaEastern Michigan Lost 7-11Final
Apr 69:45PMFt. Myers, FLPlaat Rowan Won 7-4Final
Apr 712:15PMFt. Myers, FLPlaat Farmingdale Lost 0-9Final

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